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11. 7 Tips for a healthy life

We all want to have a healthy, happy life. Sometimes we get stuck in knowing what we need for a healthy life. Here are my tips that I live by and I hope that they inspire you too!

  1. SLEEP: I always aim for at least 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is so important for our health and recovery. Having a regular set bedtime and wake up time allows the natural rhythm or Cortisol and Melatonin. Cortisol wakes us up in the morning and Melatonin sends us off to sleep at night.

  2. MOVEMENT: This has been a game changer for me. Most of my life I have pushed myself to do some sort of training. Triathlons, bodybuilding, powerlifting etc and it's only now, that I've learnt, that sometimes less is better and moving your body in a way that feels good to you. Move your body any way that makes you feel excited, like walking, yoga, pilates, swimming, riding etc. The other thing that I've leaned into around movement is actually listening to my body and exercising around my cycle.

  3. HEALTHY FATS: Our brain and hormones need fat to function effectively. I aim to have healthy fats in my life everyday. Some examples of the fats that I love to eat are: Coconut oil- I use this in recipes as well as in the pan before I add in what I'm cooking. Avocado- Add in my salads and with my eggs in the morning Nuts- Add these in my salads as well as healthy peanut butter in smoothies. Tuna and Salmon- are also regularly in my diet providing lots of omegas.

  4. WATER: Our bodies are made up of 50 to 75% water. Making sure we are drinking enough water is critical. Drinking water can be tough to get enough everyday but I have learnt that if you add Celtic sea salt to your water, it helps your cells to actually absorb the water instead of it going straight through. Celtic sea salt is also high in minerals so you're also replenishing your minerals as well. Having filtered clean water is also extremely important. The amount of chlorine and chemicals that are found in our tap water is horrifying. Make sure you are filtering your water.

  5. QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS: Unfortunately, even if we are very good with our nutrition, the soil today is very depleted. There's just not the nutrients in the soil so it can't possibly be in our food. We definitely need to have some good supplements that we are taking daily to boost our bodies. I use and highly recommend, Cymbiotic! It is an amazing company with very high quality products. We regularly have their Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium and also the omegas.

  6. COLLAGEN: After our 20s we stop making our own collagen. We should definitely be taking a collagen to boost our bodies. If you struggle to have enough protein in your diet then I definitely would recommend Bulk Nutrients Collagen protein powder. You can get different flavours to add to smoothies, and cooking sweets. Another collagen that I can recommend is nutriorganics Collagen Beauty. You just add to water and you have a lovely flavoured Berry drink.

  7. AVIOD DAIRY, GLUTEN AND PROCESSED FOOD: I tend to live my life mostly paleo style. Dairy, Gluten and processed foods create inflammation in our body. I'm not strict but do definitely notice that I always feel my very best when I avoid these foods.

These are some of the healthy tips that I live my life by everyday. I have learnt that the more I make myself the number 1 priority in my life the more happy, healthy and alive I feel. I have more energy and love to give to my family, my work and life.

Sending lots of positive energy,

Jenna x

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