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1. How to reset your energy

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Over time we can become tired and burnout. Life can be very busy and we are constantly doing, giving and depleting our energy without ever replenishing it. When our cup becomes empty you will notice that your tolerance for things is very limited and you can crack and explode over the smallest things. We have all been there!

We get stuck in the masculine energy of doing and forget to drop back into the feminine so we can recieve and fill our cup back up. I will do a blog about the masculine and feminine energies in the future. For now the first step in beginning to rest your energy is to:

1. Schedule into your day some time for you to be able to drop into your feminine. If you don't schedule time into your week just like we do for work, kids sport, shopping etc then it won't happen. You have to have the masculine structure that at this time you have devoted x amount of time for you to just be.

2. Now that you have time in your day planned for you you can now dedicate that time to sitting in the sunshine and feeling the sun on your skin. Feel the warmth that your skin is soaking in. Have a cup of tea and just take time to sit and receive.

3. Getting out in nature, going somewhere where you can sit and listen to the birds, watch the wind move through the trees. Nature is such a beautiful way to reset your energy. It's fresh, alive and has a wonderful energy to lift your vibration.

4. Playing music is a great way to reset your energy. Playing your favourite music in the car or when your cooking dinner can immediately change your energy in a positive way.

5. Deep belly breathing is such an underrated thing that we can do to reset our energy. Most people do short shallow breaths into our chest. Stop and connect to your breath. Breathe slow and deep down into your belly, hold the breath at the top and then exhale long and slow. Do this about 10 times and you immediately notice a difference in your energy.

6. Have you heard of earthing? It's connecting your bare feet to the earth. The earth is made of free electrons that your body can absorb to help with inflammation and pain. Take your shoes off and feel the connection of Mother earth to you. You will immediately feel a reset in your energy.

7. Fuel your body with nutrient rich foods is another way that you can reset your energy. Food is fuel and the type of food that we eat can either make us radiate or it can be slowly killing us. This is an easy way to help you to constantly have high vibe energy by avoiding sugar, grains, dairy and processed foods. Also making sure that you're drinking plenty of filtered water.

8. Get off technology! This really does drain our energy. Try half a day or make one day a week tech free day. Connect with your family and friends. A beautiful way to reset your energy.

9. Have a beautiful connecting massage. A massage has so many health benefits and also helps you to drop out of your mind and into your body. It really is a lovely way to reset your energy and fill your cup up so it's over flowing.

These are just some easy things that you can slowly incorporate into your life. The more you can schedule in the more at home you will feel all of the time with high vibe energy to live your life to it's potential.

If you're due for a beautiful massage or vagus nerve treatment I'm available every Thursday and Friday at Red Earth 6884 4544 to book an appt. If you're feeling very lost and really would like some one on one guidance then I'm also available for mentoring you in becoming you. I'm available for mentoring Monday to Wednesday on 0458 495 456. Sending you positive vibes 🤍

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