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2. How to cycle sync

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

I have been on such a journey when it comes to understanding my cycle and hormones. It has been something that I've struggled with most of my life, not that I knew it at the time!

Part of my life has been dedicated to training for some sport which has had an impact on my hormones and cycle because I have always pushed myself despite how my body and energy was feeling. This ultimately has lead to my hormones not being at levels where they should be which had an impact on how I was feeling and my cycle.

I have finally learnt that women's bodies are truly so amazing and that once you learn about our hormones and the effect they have on our bodies, you can structure your days to get the maximum out of life.

Follicular stage

This is the stage when estrogen is on the rise. It begins at the beginning of our period and ends when we ovulate. Estrogen is responsible for an increase in cortisol and testosterone, which naturally increases energy. During this phase is when you will feel high vibe and motivated. You should focus on doing HIIT, heavy weights, strength training, boot camps etc. You should organise catching up and socialising here too. Everyone's follicular length varies depending on when you ovulate so it's important to track your cycle.

"I will move at a pace that is respectful to my body."

Luteal stage

This is the second stage of our cycle and begins after we ovulate and ends when we get our period. Estrogen is now dropping off and progesterone is on the rise. Our energy slowly starts to decline so we should now listen to our bodies and incorporate less hiit and more yoga, pilates, swimming and getting out into nature.

Menstrual stage

This is when we will feel like being wrapped up in a little cocoon and being by ourselves. We need to be gentle with ourselves and do things like walking, yin yoga, having a massage and having a sleep. Try not to have too much going on in your social life because your energy will be low. It's normal to feel tired and low energy but it's not normal to experience deliberating pain and heavy blood flow. If you are then your hormone levels will definitely be unbalanced and you will need to work on balancing them.

It's important to track your cycle so that you are aware of where your body and hormones are in each stage. This will allow you to then plan out your month so you can then get the most out of every stage of your cycle.

If you are on the pill, then you won't experience any of this as you are not experiencing a true cycle. If you are wanting to learn more about possibly getting off the pill or you're having difficulties with your cycle (feeling depressed, anxious, heavy blood loss and terrible pain) you can work one on one with me to balance out your hormones so you can live in harmony with your cycle.

I will also be running a workshop in the near future called, Happy Hormones, for anyone wanting to learn all about their cycle in depth. This is also for young women who have just started their cycle. I wish that I knew all about my cycle when I was younger because it would have saved me so much grief. Keep an eye out for the announcement of the Happy Hormones master-class.

Sending you positive vibes 🤍

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