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7. The importance of our lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is the most underrated system in the body. Most people are not really aware of the lymph system and what it is for.

This system collects up all the waste from our cells, toxins, chemicals that are ingested from the food we eat, damaged cells, cancer cells etc. The lymph wants to then move this toxic water to the collar bones so it can clear it out into the veins.

Our lympahtic system can become backed up, and not move effectively to clear out this 'dirty water ' and it starts to sit in the body. It is sitting around our organs, around our muscles, our nerves and it can be the cause of pain that we are experiencing in our body.

The body is always trying to help us as best we can, so when everything slows down and the lymph can't drain properly, the body will try to dilute the fluid by absorbing water into the interstitial fluid to dilute it, so it's not as toxic. You might notice you become bloated or very puffy.

The body also tries to store the toxins away from your organs. It does this by storing it in our body fat. The body will hold onto more and more body fat so it can store the toxins. If you've been trying to loose weight and have been struggling, your lymph system might be to blame. The body won't let you loose weight if the lymph system is not functioning effectively because it does not want the toxins to enter back around the organs if it has no where to go. The body is actually so amazing and it is always trying to keep us safe and alive.

I release my lymphatic system nearly everyday and also have a infrared session in my infrared blanket to help my lymphatic function at it's best. I also manage my stress levels and release tension from my body, as this can be one of the reasons why our lymphatic system starts to slow down.

I definitely recommend booking yourself in for a lymphatic drainage treatment and to start looking after this very important system so you can feel your best self!

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